AP Formal Lab Requirements: Additional Information: (from http://www.ncsu.edu/labwrite/ )

(Semi-Formal laboratory write-ups are usually modified from the formal requirements)

Required for Absence for more than 1lab day:

Please staple the Absence Makeup to end of lab write up and if you don't include this information then lab write up is only worth up to 75% of  the maximum points. Actually physically participating in labs is a very powerful and  important learning process, and although I understand that you may have a legitimate excuse for missing lab there is no way to replace the actual hands-on experience hence the required written make up component.1) Label the top of the page: Make-up for Absence on Lab Day or Days (put the dates please).2) A complete background of the subject matter covered in the lab (in your own words) with parenthetical citations (min 1/2 page) must be more detailed than regularly assigned background..3) The hypothesis, null hypothesis, independent variable(s), dependent variables(s), standardized or controlled variables (list at least 5), the control setup4) Very detailed procedure in list format.5) Additional References used in background. Use APA format.


The title is a statement (not a question) reflecting the independent and dependent variables. Example: The Effect of Various Concentrations of Sucrose on Carrot Slices.


Abstract: 4-8 sentences.

Includes 1-2 sentences of introductory information, 1-2 sentences regarding the purpose/hypothesis of the activity, 1-2 sentences regarding the result trends and 1-2 sentences regarding the analysis/conclusions of the activity.


Introduction: 1-2 paragraphs

Includes prior knowledge and important information regarding the activity. Also includes explanation of the key concepts and/or vocabulary. Make sure references used are credited in the following format. (Author's Last Name, Date of publication). Also make sure the full reference is found in the references section.


Hypotheses, Variables and Control

Please use the "if...then...because" format for your null and regular hypotheses. Make sure your independent, dependent and standardized variables are sentences. Also make sure your control includes an explanation of "why" this is a control for your experiment. Last the format for this section looks like:


Null Hypothesis:

Independent Variable(s):

Dependent Variable(s):

Standardized Variable(s):




Briefly describe in a paragraph what materials, methods and procedure used in the activity.



Data tables and graphs must have a descriptive title, see the title section for information. The data tables must be computer generated with appropriate reference to the units of the measurements taken during the activity. The graphs must be computer generated with both axes labeled and if more than one line is shown, a key must be provided.

The third requirement is a trend/results paragraph, describing in words the graph and/or data table contents.


Analysis/Conclusion/Lab Review Questions: WHY DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU SEE?

In general the requirements of this section of the report is to provide an explanation of "why" of the results/data section supports or doesn't support your hypotheses. What information in the data section and the introduction help you explain the results you found? This might include the answers to the questions at the end of an activity.


Acknowledgements:Who did you work with?

References: (note: use more that one reference) (here are links for MLA automatic generators:



http://www.noodletools.com/ and http://citationmachine.net/ (if you want the site to write your references for you...)