“WHAT DO YOU SEE AND WHY DO YOU SEE IT?”           Semi Formal Lab write up


            Students must explain the laboratory results in a cohesive, detailed manner. Any data tables, graphs and calculations will be attached as an appendix and referred to appropriately in the discussion. Restating data is redundant. Discussing trends and using slopes, chi square and Q10 values are sufficient evidence for supporting inferences derived from data. A discussion involving errors and a logical explanation for them is mandatory. (In other words, if you did not get the results you expected. Then explain so and your inferences about the evidence for what should have happened.) Connecting to real world examples not discussed in lecture is required. References to lecture and Campbell are acceptable but not as the examples of understanding and connecting the lab issues beyond the classroom.

            Be to the point, elaborate on your own examples.


General Paragraph rubric

Points are simply to show what the rubric is worth for a given value. Not all paragraphs are worth 30 points.

A+: 30/30


A 28.5/30


A-  27/30  

Paragraph is organized and flows.        

Sentence structure is complex.                    

Enough detail is given to explain the concept to another student and have them pass my test.

Examples are used that are not from the book or my lecture.

Examples are discussed in detail and elaborated upon with a diagram.

No grammar or spelling errors.                      

Written in third person.                                 

No pronouns.                                       

Appropriate transitions were used.                                                    

Everything you have written is clearly explained.

No lingering questions.                                 

Quote is applicable and cited.

B+ 26/30


B 25.5/30


B-/C+ 23/30  

Organization needs some work.                   

Some simple sentences.                               

Good transitions.                                          

Lots of good information but not complete. 

Good example but not completely discussed.  

Not written in 3rd person/ a few pronouns       

I could have learned a great deal.               

Good quote not cited.                                       

I really have no questions for you.

C 22.5/30


C- 21/30 

Organization needs a lot of work.             

Too many simple sentences.                          

Needs more appropriate transitions.               

Some good information but missing some information.                                               

Good example but not discussed.                       

Not in 3rd person and lots of pronouns.            

I could have learned the basic idea but not a lot of detail. 

Ok quote/not cited.                                          

 I have a couple of questions for you.

D 19.5


D- 18/30

Paragraph is rambling or jumping from idea to idea.

Many simple sentences.                       

Sounds like sentences are simply strung together.

Little or no appropriate transitions.             

Missing lots of information.                               

No examples.                                                    

Not in 3rd person and lots of pronouns.               

I am more confused than ever.                          

No quote, inappropriate quote/not cited.             

I have a lot of questions.


Anything less than above will result in a lower grade