Blood Vessels of the body                                       Name _____________________Per __

List of VEINSFill in WHERE the blood is being delivered from:

Superior/anterior Vena Cava


Inferior/posterior Vena Cava




R or L Subclavians  


External jugulars


Internal jugulars  




R or L  Renals


Common iliac


External Iliac    


 R or L Femoral


R or L Great Saphenous  


R or L  Small Saphenous**  Honors only 



NOTE THE MAJOR DIFFERENCE IN THE BRANCHES OFF THE AORTA  IN THE CAT VERSUS THE HUMAN. WRITE THEM HERE: ________________________________________________________________

What is a major difference between the location of the arteries versus the veins?


Fill in WHERE the blood is being delivered to:

1.  Ascending aorta


2. thoracic/descending aorta


3. abdominal aorta 


4. brachiocephalic  artery


5. R  subclavian


6.  L. Subclavian


7. R or L Axillary


8.R or L  Brachial


9. R or L  Radial


10. Right Common Carotid


11. Left Common Carotid


12. R or L Internal carotid


13. Left subclavian


14. External iliac artery


15. R or L Renal


16. R or L Femoral


17. R or L Saphenous