Who Changed Mrs. C's grades? Crime Scene lab:


You may either type this up as a formal lab, make a pamphlet or a powerpoint. This is per group. Divide up responsibilities and make a table letting me know who did what sections and put on the end of your report.

1. Effective and Meaningful Title

2. Problem (scenario)                                 

3. Procedure: write out directions so that someone can visualize what you did and someone could replicate your data.  Diagrams would be necessary here. (you can draw these or download from the internet) cite sources

3. Data section:   just staple you data sheets (or retype into ppt. )

4. Analysis of results and conclusion (be sure to include statistical significance and  error: not human error)

5. Extension: research a bit and add a clip about a case study using hair  or fingerprints that you found interesting.

6. Sources: Cite your sources using MLA Format in your handbook

*** Use scientific vocab, no 1st person, no pronouns