Chapter 1

Directions:  Suggestion...divide these terms among members of your lab group

Produce a label 1 inch x 1/2 inch cut from index card material, stick a 1 1/2" straight pin through it,  AND cover the label with clear scotch tape  for each of the following:

Organs of the body:  liver      gall bladder      spleen      small intestine      large intestine       heart       lungs      diaphragm muscle      uterus       testis       ovary      urinary bladder       kidney       ureter       lymph node      esophagus     trachea     adrenal gland       pancreas    greater omentum    lesser omentum    heart ventricle    heart atrium     uterine horn   


Planes/Cavities/Directions :  abdominal cavity     thoracic cavity     medial direction    transverse plane    lateral direction     superior/cranial direction    inferior/caudal direction   midsagittal plane    coronal/frontal plane     oblique plane     proximal direction      distal direction     posterior/dorsal direction      anterior/ventral direction  

Regions of the body:   

antecubital fossa     axilla     nasus     bucca     oral     mentum     occipital     loin     sacral     cubitus     sacral      carpus     tarsus     gluteal     sural     calcaneal